5 Essential Facts About WordPress Than Can Boost Your Web Development Career

  • 30th March 2018
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In case you are already in the field of web development then you would know that WordPress is one of the most popular and widely used Content Management System globally. This is not of course without reason. We at PHP Kolkata have been in the field of Web development and Web development training since long and recommend that you hone your WordPress development knowledge and skills. The following are the 7 major reasons why WordPress has become so popular and why you need to acquire the latest skills and knowledge you need in the field.

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  • WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the field of web development.


If you were to take a close look you would note that most of the websites are now powered by WordPress. This is much more than any other content management system (CMS) in the world. If you do not know that CMS is a software that lets you easily write, edit, and publish content on the web. You must also take note of the fact that as much as 50 to 60% of websites on the World Wide Web now use a CMS are built on WordPress. It is also worth noting that as many as 17 blog posts published on WordPress sites every second every day. So as a web developer through the right WordPress training you need to acquire the right skills for WordPress applications.


  • Without even knowing coding you could make most of the WordPress functions

One great benefit of knowing WordPress is that by using some very useful WordPress plugins you could do a whole lot.You must also note that there are both free and paid plugins out there which you can use virtually so anything. This is without the need to write code from scratch. You would be surprised to know that at present that there are more than 45,000 free plugins in the official WordPress directory. Knowledge of this along with a bit of knowledge of PHP development could go a long way to further customize any plugin you want to do exactly what you need it to do.


  • With WordPress development skills you could get many jobs

If you are on the lookout for a job, then you could find many jobs working with WordPress. These could be at creative agencies or companies who run their sites on WordPress. WordPress skills can help you get a job as a developer or designer, or in even in marketing. So by acquiring the requisite skills for WordPress your employability as an employee would increase many times.


  • It is great working as a Free Lancer too


Apart from working in an agency or corporate jobs, you could also work as a  freelance as a WordPress specialist. There are many Freelance sites like Freelancer.com, Upwork and so on which promote Freelance WordPress work requirements. You could bid for these assignments online and start working as a freelancer as well. These could include everything from basic services like site setup and theme customization, or go all in with fully customized sites with all sorts of back-end programming, there are so many opportunities. The skills in WordPress are very useful for bloggers, marketing consultants, SEO consultants, and anyone else who works with sites hosted on WP.


  • WordPress Sites are Easy to Manage

In case you are planning start your own online business youy need to know that WordPress sites are quite easy to manage. This is both in terms of maintenance as well as  from a client’s perspective of managing the content on the site. Apart from this since this CMS has been around for a long time, since around 2003 there is a huge online community has developed. Thus for any kind of help required you can seek their help and guidance. This is a great benefit in comparison to other web development platforms. This is also one major reason that the popularity of WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS) continues to grow unabated.


In conclusion, we can say that the WordPress has in some ways has totally revolutionized the world of web development. What started as a mere Blogging platform back in 2003 is now one of  the most widely used platforms for web designing websites too. Thus knowledge of WordPress can go a long way in building a strong career in the field of Web development too. Thus you must through the right WordPress Training acquire the latest skills and knowledge in the field.