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An Android Training Course to Enhance Your Skills and Competencies

The recent surge in the demand for Android apps developers due to the explosive growth of this web development sector may prove to be a boon for you.

The question is - how do you enhance your skills and competencies to match the requirements of the employers? The easiest way to do it is to enroll in the Android Training Course available from PHP Kolkata.

Here, you will get to learn all you need to know to kick-start your career in the field of Android web development, and continue on your path to success. Whether you have no or some knowledge about Android Apps, we can help you attain and achieve more.

The training course is the result of extensive knowledge and experience in the field of Android Apps Development. And with it, you can successfully transform your career in the IT sector and earn well too.

Advanced Training Opportunity Encompassing Real-Time Career-focused Learning

We, at PHP Kolkata, strive to offer the best possible training to our students. And the Android Training Course is a superb example of how our efforts can bring you a step closer to your dream - that of becoming a successful IT professional.

Our trainers are knowledgeable and experienced professionals who can help you learn the basics of Android Apps Development with ease. With real-time career-focused learning opportunity, you are sure to shine in your chosen field.

We just don't promise you all help and assistance. We offer it too. Once you complete the Android Training Course successfully, we will arrange a number of interviews for you, and help you get a start on your career.

Take a look at what our Android Training Course covers and you will understand why it is the best choice for you.

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iPhone Course Syllabus

  • 1) Getting Started
    • Requirements: installing the SDK
    • Becoming a registered Apple Developer
    • Joining the iOS Developer Program
    • Creating a simple iOS application
    • The four pillars of iOS application development
  • 2) The Tools
    • Using Xcode
    • Using the iOS Simulator
  • 3) Objective-C Refresher
    • Objective-C basics
    • Objective-C structure
    • Creating variables
    • Using pointers
    • Sending messages and calling methods
    • Creating objects
    • Understanding Automatic Reference Counting (ARC)
    • Using existing classes
    • Creating custom classes and methods
    • Creating properties
  • 4) Core iOS Project Skills
    • Using the different iOS project types
    • Using the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern
    • Creating basic interaction
    • Creating quick connections
    • Dismissing the keyboard
    • Dismissing the keyboard with delegation
    • Using delegation in iOS
    • Creating alert messages
    • Understanding the iOS application lifecycle
    • Understanding multitasking
  • 5) Troubleshooting
    • Troubleshooting a basic application
    • Creating breakpoints and using the Xcode debugger
  • 6) Using UI Controls
    • Creating user interfaces (UI)
    • Using and customizing a picker control
    • Using data sources
    • Selecting items in user interface controls
    • Using the Apple Human Interface Guidelines (HIG)
  • 7) Using Table Views
    • Introduction to table views
    • Creating a table view
    • Reusing table cells
    • Customizing a table view
    • Customizing table view cells
  • 8) Creating Apps with Multiple View Controllers
    • Introduction to multiple-view applications
    • Deconstructing a utility app
    • Understanding navigation controllers
    • Creating a master-detail application
    • Creating a tabbed application
  • 9) Using Storyboards
    • Introduction to storyboards
    • Creating scenes and segues
    • Passing data between scenes
    • Step one: creating the storyboard
    • Step two: creating the custom class
    • Step three: creating the view controllers
    • Step four: loading the data
    • Step five: passing objects between scenes
  • 10) Using Blocks and Grand Central Dispatch
    • Introduction to blocks
    • Understanding Grand Central Dispatch
    • Creating a multithreaded app
  • 11) Saving Data
    • Understanding the options for saving data on iOS
    • Saving and loading data from property list files
  • 12) iPad Development
    • Understanding iPad development
    • Using iPad-specific UI elements
    • Creating iPad apps with popovers
    • Creating iPad apps with split views
  • 13) Finishing touches 10m 0s
    • Creating an application launch image
    • Creating an application icon
  • 14) Conclusion
    • Start your dream job

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    Nikhilesh Kr. Barua

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    Bhabani Pal

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    Kousik Ghosh

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    Somdatta Mukherjee

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    Nikhilesh Kumar

    Phone: 8013504932

    Phpkolkata is one of the best institute to learn php. The teaching method of phpkolkata is excellent. Special thanks to Asif sir who teaches all the things with a good practical approach
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    Ritika Singh


    PHP KOLKATA is one of the best training institute to learn PHP.A very pleasant atmosphere to learn and explore coding skills.I recommend PHP KOLKATA training institute for learning PHP and MySql. Asif Sir is very cooperative. A very very Thanks to Asif Sir.
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    Krishnendu Sett

    Phone: 9038505869

    Best Php training Institute in Kolkata, Where I not only learned Php but also enhanced my coding ability
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    Phone: 8335906409

    Hey this is Nadeem Akram from Kishanganj, Bihar.......... PHP Kolkata is one of the best training institutes for PHP TRAINING, thanks to all faculty members for the guidence, and special thanks to Asif sir and Baishakhi Paul mam.I got placed in Technotron Infosys Pvt Ltd.
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    Joy Saha

    Phone: 9674123540

    I have done PHP course from PHP Kolkata , I am doing job in Voyagerman pvt. ltd.
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    Binay Kumar Panda

    Phone: 9776564041

    This is a very good institute for learning new frameworks and programming languages. This Institute also offers the best placement for a job seeker. This institute is the Best INSTITUTE for learning that I've ever seen.
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    Tulika Das

    Phone: 99031345

    Thanks a lot to PHP kolkata team .From hear I got my first job in a web development company.
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    Moumita Roy

    Phone: 8621847718

    Hey this is Moumita Roy from Dhanbad, Jharkhand.......... PHP Kolkata is one of the best training institutes for PHP TRAINING, thanks to all faculty members for the guidence, and special thans to Asif sir.
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    Sangita Mahapatra

    Phone: 9051076532

    Thanks a lot PHP Kolkata for all your valuable training and placement both
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    Pravat Paul

    Phone: 8013942560

    Thank You mam and thank to PHPKOLKATA Md asif sir and faculty Asif sir(special thank) ................I am Pravat Paul have got selected in voyagerman technology pvt ltd in uttarpara.
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